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Die Young WIP 2 
by vivzie-pop
Unintroduced character from her webcomic Zoophobia, which I adore.

Please do not remove credits!

woah this is rad 8O

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Latest episode of Gravity Falls aired last night!  I had a lot of fun experimenting and finding my approach to painting Bill Cipher’s world! Art direction by the undisputed art director of the multiverse Ian Worrel. Layouts by Janine Chang, and SunJae_Lee . This is def. one of my favorite episodes we made so far for the second season. Alex is already posting more from this episode over at the Gravi-Team Falls tumblr. Enjoy!

The layouts in this show are so stunning<3 amazing details and colours.

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Smokescreen by ~ai-eye

Sep 06

Commission: JD Puppy by SilverDeni

Sep 06

poochies by SilverDeni

Sep 06

Mush Speedpaint by SilverDeni

Sep 06

Dem apples! by SilverDeni

Sep 06

Notorious by SilverDeni

Sep 06

Glimpse by rajewel

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