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Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
— Jack Kerouac (via quotes-shape-us)

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Hi!! Since you're currently posting progress shots, do you think you could do one or two close-ups of hair in progress? I've been wondering for a while how you tackled doing hair--for me drawing hair is pretty easy semi-realistically but is very difficult photo-realistically, so I think seeing you in action might be helpful. You're incredibly awesome for posting progress shots like this. It definitely helps me, & other young artists I'm sure. You really are an inspiration, in more ways than one. spookyhorizons


Yes. Hi. :)

I start with some base colors, and then I use a very soft brush to work in some gradual shapes. I usually smudge those around some, alternating between airbrush and smudge until I get a nice basecoat. I don’t like to make my basecoat too “pretty” or soft because hair is kind of messy no matter how nice it is, and I’ve always found it looks more natural when it’s sloppier.

Like this:



And then I use a small, soft brush, and I slowly add in the details.

Like this:



You can use very fine brushes to add little wisps. And you can even use a rougher brush to add some highlights, and the roughness will help make the hair look even more natural.

But that’s basically it. I know there are a gazillion ways to do hair? Lots of artists use textures or whatever, and it doesn’t have to be this time consuming. You definitely don’t have to draw every strand. But I like doing it this way because I think it looks nice, so this is how I do it.

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I saw on a recent ask that you say that you are asexual. I see a sensuality in your work that in others might be called sexuality. But it appears no matter the gender. To me it almost appears as if you are making love to your subject by portraying them so beautifully and realistically. The poses, colors & lighting are luscious and intriguing. It occurred to me that, as an artist, you may have gained an ability to see and feel in a different and beautiful way from a more sexually oriented artist. drakkhammerwrites


You make me sound like… an erotic art wizard.

Very well I accept.

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Die Young WIP 2 
by vivzie-pop
Unintroduced character from her webcomic Zoophobia, which I adore.

Please do not remove credits!

woah this is rad 8O

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Latest episode of Gravity Falls aired last night!  I had a lot of fun experimenting and finding my approach to painting Bill Cipher’s world! Art direction by the undisputed art director of the multiverse Ian Worrel. Layouts by Janine Chang, and SunJae_Lee . This is def. one of my favorite episodes we made so far for the second season. Alex is already posting more from this episode over at the Gravi-Team Falls tumblr. Enjoy!

The layouts in this show are so stunning<3 amazing details and colours.

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Smokescreen by ~ai-eye

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